How to get rid of fleas on cats

How to kill fleas on cats

get rid of fleas on cats

Before applying any ant-iparasitic medicines, remember some simple rules: study a label of the means you have bought carefully. Some medicines are suitable for the destruction of fleas on the dogs, but they are contraindicated to the cats as they have a habit to lick its fur; never mix the medicines of different influence. It is possible to use shampoos and the sprays separately, but the simultaneous application of these means leads to poisoning;

carry out the prevention measure from the fleas’ appearance;

while using a medicine for the first time, put a dose less than recommended to watch the cat’s behavior;

having noticed a negative reaction, immediately give a bath to the cat in pure warm water and show it to the veterinarian.

Put on the cat an anti-flea collar. The substances, located on a surface of a tape, are gradually transferring on the skin and hair of the animal and have repellent effect on the fleas. As some types of collars are dangerous to the kittens, sick and elderly cats, study the instruction very carefully. Consider that if the animal is strongly infected with parasites, fleas can simply move towards a tail, far away from the influence of the medicine. Watch the cat’s behavior: freedom-loving animals aren’t always ready to wear the collar.

Wash up a cat, using an anti-flea shampoo, soap or foam. Don’t soap the animal’s face and especially avoid the hitting of the means on its nose, eyes and ears. After the lapse of time recommended in the instruction, carefully rinse out the cat and wrap it in a towel. Try not to let it lick the hair before the complete drying.

Use a special spray for cats. Carefully but with strength take the animal by the nape and within 3-4 seconds spray the means at first along the back, and then along the stomach. If there is no opportunity to do it outside, process a cat in rooms where there is no drinking water, food and aquariums.

With the help of a pipette put the anti-flea drops. Use the means in the back area between the cat’s shoulder-blades or near the skull bottom around the neck. Observe a dosage specified in the instruction.

Comb out with a small brush the parasites, their larvae and egg from the cat’s hair. For the prevention of the fleas appearance use bags from the cotton cloth, filled with the crushed leaves of bitter wormwood. Spread out them in those places where your cat sleeps as the smell of this plant frightens off the parasites.

How to get rid of flees on cats naturally

The best way to get rid of fleas on cats is to wash it properly. Put the cat in a bowl filled with the warm water. The cat’s hair should be wetted and soaped properly with the tar soap. (I warn those who don’t know: tar soap has very specific smell! However, exactly because of this smell the fleas are dying!) Having soaped the cat, massage its back, stomach and paws. (Try to soap so that ALL the hair be covered with the soap, but not just the top layer. Otherwise fleas will simply bury more deeply in the hair and will wait till “a great flood” will be over) Covered with the soap cat should stay not less than 15 minutes! During this time soap should completely impregnate the hair and you will see how the fleas are dying! Then simply wash away the foam with a lot of warm water.


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